Vendor Partners

"Vendor Partners" are simply local food restaurants that desire for Lunch-Drop to deliver their menu items to employees of local businesses with a minimum of 25 menu items per business location. Orders are paid in full at the time the orders are placed with each Vendor Partner.

If you are a local Food Vendor that Lunch-Drop does not deliver for currently, reach out to us via our "Contact Us" link at the top of our "Home" page and a Representative will respond to discuss your becoming one of our "Vendor Partners". 

As of January 2021 our web-Store, "" will be active in this area. We are  a local delivery service that allows employees of Corporate Businesses to enjoy Nationally recognized & Locally Popular fresh hot fast-food items without leaving their workplace, all for the same price they would pay if they were to visit the same food restaurant’s dining area or drive-through facility, plus our Flat-Rate $1.99 delivery fee.


Corporate/Business Clients with 25 or more employees place an order on our web-based "" Store requesting your menu items to be delivered to their location during their lunch-time on any specific day of the week, Monday-Sunday.
A minimum Order of 25 of your menu items offered is required.
L-D will place orders with you, the vendor, for the clients as requested via the on-line Store 48 hours prior to the day & time of delivery..
L-D drivers will furnish containers to the vendor on a timely manner, allowing the Vendor to fill the orders for the time-scheduled pick-up by L-D drivers.
L-D drivers will be dispatched to the Vendors’ location the morning of the requested delivery, pick-up the order, and deliver on-time to the Client’s location.
The hot food shall be delivered in a L-D container that will keep the food hot during transport.
After the lunch period, a L-D driver will return to remove the (Empty) containers from the client’s location, and return them to Vendors for the next day’s order requirements.
Full payment for each Order is made to “Lunch-Drop” from the Client at the time the order is placed on the "L-D" web Store.
"L-D" makes full payment to the Vendor at the time the order is placed with the Vendor by the “L-D” staff, less a 10% discount from the Vendor’s posted menu price of each of the menu items purchased, and the Vendor honors the Lunch-Drop Certificate of Sales Tax Exemption form.

LUNCH-DROP charges the client your Menu Price, Plus a Flat-Rate $1.99 Delivery Fee per menu item ordered. The Clients have no hidden charges attached to their FREE ACCOUNT,